About Cat Haven and our Governance

“Rescuing Cats from the Perils of the Streets” was the original aim of the Cat Welfare Society when it was established in 1961.  Thanks to the efforts of dedicated staff and volunteers over many years we have grown to become Western Australia’s premier cat welfare organisation, trading under the name of Cat Haven. 

Our vision is that every WA cat should be a well cared for cat and we work towards achieving this by:

  • providing a facility to care for lost, stray or unwanted cats
  • rehoming as many cats as possible through an effective adoption service
  • provide cost-effective sterilisation and microchip services
  • promoting community awareness of cat welfare and responsible cat ownership
  • providing quality boarding facilities

Cat Haven is an ‘open admission’ shelter which means we never turn away any cat no matter how old, sick or feral.  As a charity, with very little government funding, we rely heavily on donations from the public and businesses to keep cats fed, safe and healthy until they find a home.

Over 6000 cats are surrendered to Cat Haven every year and we strive to find loving homes for as many of these cats as possible.  Cats and kittens may be surrendered by owners who are no longer able to care for them or by people who find stray, abandoned or feral cats.  We also act as a ‘pound’ facility for many Local Government Authorities.

Cat Haven is part of the national ‘Getting to Zero’ program that aims to minimise euthanasia of healthy, treatable and re-homable animals.  Our euthanasia rate has dropped dramatically from around 75% a decade ago to just 24% in 2015 and is still dropping! This has been achieved by operating programs such as our Foster Care Program, Ringworm Cats Program, Animal Support Program, Barn Buddies Program and Companion Cats Program that are saving thousands of cats’ lives.

Cat Haven also provides information and education about responsible cat ownership and the importance of sterilising and microchipping cats to assist with the broader issue of stray, feral and unwanted cats in WA.

We work proactively with key stakeholders and collaborate with other animal welfare groups and Local Government Authorities to advance the welfare of cats in Western Australia.  

Cat Haven is run by both paid staff and volunteers and we greatly value their contribution, along with the incredible generosity of our patrons, supporters, donors, foster carers, corporate sponsors and the media. See our kind sponsors here.

Our Values

Cat Haven’s core values underpin our actions and guide our behaviour as individuals and as an organisation.  They are fundamental to the way we work to achieve our mission and aspirations.


We behave ethically and honestly. We are professional, trustworthy and dedicated to our work. 


We embrace diversity and listen to different points of view.  We consider the feelings, wishes and rights of others.


We are approachable, helpful, considerate and compassionate.  We care about the welfare of people and animals.

Ongoing improvement

We are motivated, industrious and committed to achieving optimal outcomes.  We value learning and welcome new ideas and ways to improve as individuals and as an organisation.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We fulfil our responsibilities and support others to fulfil theirs.  We are reliable, cooperative and generous in sharing our skills and knowledge.  


The Cat Welfare Society Inc is an Incorporated Association that is overseen by a Board of Management elected from and by the Society’s members.  Currently Board members include eight professionals from a broad range of industries. 

Cat Haven Board Members

Del McGuiness

Del has been a member of the Board since 2011, Vice Chairperson since 2013 and Chair of the Site Redevelopment Subcommittee since its establishment in 2015.  She also volunteers at fundraising events and spends half a day a week helping look after the cats and kittens on grounds. Following her early career as a dietitian, Del gained a Master’s degree in Public Health and worked in various health service and project management positions.  She has facilitated major change projects and the implementation of IT systems as well as the development of clinical governance systems and processes.  In 2007 she established her own consulting business specialising in areas of planning, risk management and facilitation.  Del enjoys life with husband Andrew and two gorgeous rescue cats, Maisie and Oscar. Photo of Del

Liddell Williams

Liddell was elected to the Board in 2007 and has particular interest in senior cats, marketing, social media, customer service and governance standards. Liddell’s achievements as a Board member include research, submissions and stakeholder liaison that was integral to the achievement of the passing of the Cat Act 2011. She is also responsible for identifying the need for, and launching, Cat Haven’s inaugural strategic plan.Away from Cat Haven, Liddell has held a variety of roles in WA Government, spanning audit, procurement, finance, election management, and research. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science and is Mum to Boo, adopted as a senior from Cat Haven in 2004. Photo of Liddell

Samantha Bolton

Sam joined the board in 2015 and is a Program Coordinator in the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases at the Telethon Kids Institute. She holds a Master’s of Business Administration and a PhD from the University of Western Australia, and she is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Management WA (AIMM), currently serving on the Women in Business Network. Sam has over 20 years’ experience working in a range of organisations and industries as a state branch manager of a heritage consultancy, project manager and consultant. Prior to joining the Board, Sam volunteered at Cat Haven and is passionate about using her wide range of skills and knowledge to help others achieve their best. She is the proud owner of one rescue cat who refuses to let her get any more. Photo of Sam

Nicole Bishop

Nicole joined the Cat Haven Board in August 2011 to fill a casual vacancy and during the September 2011 AGM she was elected to the position of President.  Nicole is Shell Australia Pty Ltd’s Joint Venture Lifter Representative for Gorgon and North West Shelf and has 20 years’ experience in the Oil industry in both Western Australia and Victoria.  In addition to holding a position on the Board, Nicole volunteers at Cat Haven every Sunday as well as at various Cat Haven fundraising events.  Nicole has always had a great passion for animal welfare and owns three rescue cats. Photo of Nicole

Shirley Patrick

Shirley has been a Cat Haven Board member since 2011 and Chairman of the Fundraising Committee since January 2013.  Her prime focus is on fundraising and getting the best value for Cat Haven through the organisation of events and the coordination of volunteers at events.    Her former career within the oil industry spanned over 35 years and included roles such as Oil Marketing Operator with Woodside Energy Ltd and Executive Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of Chevron Australia.  Shirley is the very proud owner of three Cat Haven cats. Photo of Shirley

Jenny Ough

Jenny is a Chartered Accountant who has worked for KPMG in Melbourne and Perth, and she has also worked in temporary accounting roles in London. She has served as a Chief Finance Officer in State Government in WA for well over a decade and now runs her own accounting and bookkeeping practice. Jenny has amassed over 30 years’ experience in the accounting industry and was invited to join the Board in 2011 to fill the (then vacant) Treasurer’s role, and was elected to that position at the AGM in 2012. Jenny is an active volunteer at Cat Haven, and adopted her first cat from them back in 1996. She now has two newer Cat Haven ex-pats, both adopted April 2014. Photo of Jenny

Charlotte Fehr

Charlotte joined the Cat Haven board in 2016. She has been volunteering at Cat Haven on an as needed basis in maintenance and fundraising events. Her career took her from a master's degree in psychology to IT, humanitarian aid, business owner to registered builder. Now she is an almost full time volunteer for various organisations. Charlotte is the proud owner of Lili, a Cat Haven rescue and mum to always changing foster cats. Photo of Charlotte

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