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tom profile picture

Tom, Male

Tom is in foster care.
Pepper 5

Pepper, Female

Pepper is in foster care.
Peaches 1

Peaches, Female

Peaches is in foster care.

Monika, Female

Monika is in foster care.
Meow Meow 138798 min

Meow Meow , Male

Meow Meow is in foster care.
Harley 13th Sep 2

Harley, Female

Harley is at the shelter.

Riley, Male

Riley is at the shelter.
Xena and Xavier on Facebook 20th Feb 2018 for website

Xavier & Xena, Male

Xavier & Xena is at the shelter.


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**PLEASE NOTE: When you adopt a cat from us, you must transport it home in a secure cat carrier.

Kitten Package $210.00 each

Be cautious about getting a kitten, because:

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