Consider our Foster Back Program

If you are considering surrendering your cat to Cat Haven because of a change in your situation (eg: moving to a rental property that doesn’t allow cats or moving overseas) and you have time to organise things in advance, we have a program that can help ease the stress on your family cat.

What is the Foster Back Program?

Our Foster Back program is where you can delay surrendering your cat to us if you have adequate time, by coming in to Cat Haven and having your cat assessed to make sure it fits our criteria.

You then take your cat home and we put it up for adoption on our website with a profile and photos, but it stays with you in the interim, and potential adopters can come to visit the cat in its own home.

Why is this better for your cat?

This is much less stressful for both the cat and Cat Haven as we don’t fill up a valuable cat pen and adopters can see your cat in a more relaxed state in its own environment. Cats can sometimes get very depressed in a shelter environment and it is a very frightening experience for most pets.

What does it cost?

You will only need to pay your $50 surrender fee to Cat Haven when you bring the cat in for assessment to cover the health checks etc but from then on the process is free – of course any donations to Cat Haven would be very much appreciated!

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