Barn Buddies Program

Rehoming of Semi Socialised Cats – Effective, Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

What is Barn Buddies?

Barn Buddies is a pilot program run by Cat Haven in partnership with Perth Rescue Angels.  Working towards ‘Getting to Zero’ euthanasia in animal shelters, the Barn Buddies program gives healthy semi-socialised cats a second chance at being able to live in an environment where they will be happy.

Whilst these cats may never make great pets, they will work hard for their living and make great vermin catchers on your property.  You may even build a unique relationship with your Barn Buddy. With patience and kindness, they may learn to trust you over time.

Barn Buddies are cost effective, environmentally friendly pest control at its best!

Why two cats?                                                                     

Barn Buddies are always adopted in pairs as they are usually cats from colonies or multi-cat households, who are used to the company of other cats but not people.   This will make the move less traumatic and adjustment to their new home easier if they have the security of one or more trusted feline companions.

The cats must spend their first two weeks together at your new property in a confined, secure enclosure so they know that it is their new home.

We can provide the use of a temporary enclosure to help the cats’ transition to your home. 

What we do.

We provide two Barn Buddies that have been sterilised, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas for a donation of your choice. 

We provide you with all the information you need to successfully settle your Barn Buddy into their new environment.

We also offer free use of a humane trap, if needed, for future vet visits.

(A refundable deposit will be required for the use of a crate or a trap).

What you do.

When you first adopt a Barn Buddy you must confine them for two weeks until they become accustomed to you (their caregiver) and their surroundings. The sounds and the scents of their new home will be foreign to these cats until they settle in.

Barn Buddies must be provided with daily food and fresh water (cats cannot live on mousing alone) and must have access to adequate warm shelter and a safe, dry bed.

Care must also be taken to keep the cats from harm, and you must provide veterinary care to your Barn Buddy if needed.

If you are away from home for more than a few days, you will need to arrange for someone to provide the cats with food and fresh water.

Please contact Cat Haven on 9442 3600 to find out more about Barn Buddies and you can download our brochure here