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Sir Frederick Mallory - 161028 - Male - Young Adult

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Pursonality Traits

Good Day! I seem to have found myself at Cat Haven! Perhaps it was because I have been wandering the streets for quite some time and a lovely person believed I deserved a home? How utterly sweet of them, I must say! Please take your time with me, I am a dinner first kind of guy!

I have been in a foster home for a few weeks learning how to live with humans. Here is an update from my foster carer:

"He's really just a big sook who loves hiding in a scaredy cat! It's been a month or two and today was a big step for him - he let me pat him properly today and he enjoyed it, well at least I think so because he was purring and leaning in to me, so I hope so!

He seems to like my dog too, was the first time I had ever seen Mallory happy to see anyone! He was trying to head boop my dog through the window so maybe a home even with a dog is possible as long as it's a slow introduction.

I'm not sure how he would be with cats but I have played purring and meowing of other cats and it's seemed to relax him."

Sir Frederick Mallory needs a quiet home with no small children. If you have the love and patience to allow this shy boy to grow in confidence, come meet him in his foster home in Warnbro.

Health Issues