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Feliscratch is designed to encourage your cat to scratch a designated surface. Scratching is a normal and healthy behaviour, but it can be destructive and hard to live with. By redirecting your cats scratching to an appropriate surface, such as a scratching pole, both you and your cat will be happy!

When applied properly, Feliscratch sends both visual (blue lines) and invisible (territory messages) cues to your cat, in order to stimulate their scratching behaviour. Simply apply the contents of the tube onto appropriate surface (such as a scratching pole) in a vertical line, allow to dry for 5 minutes, and let your cat enjoy! Feliscratch is shown to be effective from day 1 - 85% of cats were no longer scratching, or scratching less, after 7 days, and 91% of newly adopted cats or kittens were no longer scratching, or scratching less, after 7 days.

Each pack contains 9 x pipettes, each pack last for one month. Feliway products contain a synthetic version of the odourless pheromone normally left by cats when they rub against objects in their environment. This pheromone is usually released by your cat when he or she feels happy or content and is also used to mark territory.