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Birdbesafe Cat Collar

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Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover helps protect songbirds from outdoor cats.

- Features a tubular shape and is fastened on by a breakaway cat collar (purchased separately)

- Safe for your cat because both collar and cover can come off under pressure

- Uses bright colors to warn birds that your cat is nearby

- Songbirds have special eye features making the birds notice bright colors very well

- irds may typically fly away in time to be safe from the cat

- Popularity of this patent pending

- Although not 100% effective at preventing bird captures

- eflective trim around the edge for safety from cars at night

- Comfortable enough for cat to wear all day

US-made device has grown since 2009

it works well with bird-hunting cats and many cat owners find it is highly effective. See for testimonials

*Colour combinations picked at random