A Decade of Giving

21 October 2014

Date: 23 September 2014

Teenage Twins Haven’t had a Birthday Present for 10 Years!

This September marked a whole decade of giving instead of receiving for these amazing 15 year old Perth twins. Rebecca and Alex James have been asking for charity donations instead of birthday presents from all their friends and family since they were just 5 years old, and Cat Haven in Shenton Park is one of the lucky recipients of their generosity of spirit.

Last weekend, 24 girls turned up at Cat Haven in purple and pink Hummers, dressed in their party dresses to see the homeless cats and watch the twins donate all their gifts in lieu towards helping the abandoned cats of Perth. They managed to raise a whopping $425 in cash and another $100 in gift vouchers, plus the kind drivers of Perth Stretch Hummers donated a further $100.

When asked why they choose not to get presents for their birthday and to donate instead, the girls said, “At the age of three our parents thought we had everything we needed and decided to make a donation to charity instead of giving us gifts. They taught us about giving to people and organisations in need, and they base this on the theory of ‘Humanity’…that humanity is an attitude of caring and mercy toward all. Then when we were about 5 years old, they gave us the choice to receive presents or to continue donating instead, so we chose to continue giving!” Alex said

“ We decided to donate our present money to Cat Haven when we were just 5 years old as we love animals and have had so many in our lives. We adopted a cat from Cat Haven called Red Dog and we saw so many stray animals on the street on our holidays in Bali that just broke our hearts, and it made us just want to keep on giving. It gives us such a good feeling to help, particularly places that don’t get a lot of acknowledgement and smaller charities, and we look forward to it every year.’ Rebecca said

When asked what their friends and family thought of their initiative they said, “Our friends were confused about how we could do without presents, especially our new friends, but when we explained it and involved them all, they got it!”

Cat Haven is so grateful to the girls and their parents for this extraordinary gift of kindness and their ideology of giving to those in need. If you want to donate or buy a birthday or Christmas gift of food, medicines, toys etc for the cats at Cat Haven, you can purchase Gifts in Lieu online at www.cathaven.com.au or at the shelter at 23 Lemnos Street in Shenton Park.

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