Black Friday Black Cats Promotion

21 October 2014

Black Friday Black Cats Promotion

Press Release issued: 5 June 2014 at 12:00am

Black Friday – Black Cats Go Unnoticed at the Shelter!

This Black Friday 13th of June, Cat Haven is asking people to consider adopting a beautiful sleek black cat as a companion.

Black cats are often overlooked by would-be adopters and remain at Cat Haven longer than others even though they make wonderful pets, with some black cats staying at Cat Haven in Shenton Park for months, which is a huge cost to this charity.

“A long stay at Cat Haven can be quite distressing for felines as they are cooped up in a cat pen with no exercise and they can get quite depressed, so we are keen to get them rehomed to a loving home as soon as possible”. Cat Haven’s Marketing Officer Chandra Woodley said.

Black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors. This is because people associate black cats with bad luck. They’ve been given an unfair reputation and unfortunately there are many people that believe the hype.

There are a number of ancient myths surrounding black cats including: a black cat crossing your path is unlucky; a black cat is a demon in disguise; but in Scotland a strange black cat appearing on your porch is a good omen - it means that prosperity is on the way.

“We have plenty of gorgeous black cats at Cat Haven who are desperate for a new home, so we are running a Black Cat Weekend from 13th of June with lots of promotion and a reduced adoption fee of only $39 for cats and $100 for kittens to help rehome these sleek, striking cats”. Chandra Woodley said.

“We have all black short hair and long haired cats, and across all ages; we even still have some black kittens so we have one to suit all households!” She said.

 Cat Haven cats are all sold sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated to comply with the Cat Act, and they are fully health checked, wormed and treated for fleas.

If you would like to be part of the Black Cat for Black Friday promotion and want to adopt a cat, you can contact Cat Haven on 08 9442 3600 or or visit the shelter at 23 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park.

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