Kittens Are Coming Earlier Than Ever!

26 September 2017

Cat Haven has taken in the first litters of stray kittens earlier than ever this year, receiving over seven hundred kittens in June, July and August alone, with four hundred of them being strays and one hundred rescued by council rangers.

The Shenton Park cat shelter has been surprised at the high number of kittens being born and abandoned at Cat Haven so early in the season. A stray mother cat and her litter of four very young kittens were recently found living in the roof of a house in  South Lake and were brought into Cat Haven. They are currently in temporary fostercare with their mother until they are old enough to rehome.

“Kitten season is so unpredictable! We had a late kitten season last summer and we’re getting kittens earlier than usual this spring, so with very little respite between the seasons, we are really concerned about the impending kitten season to come as our resources are so stretched and funds are very low. Overall, we have had over 1200 more cats surrendered to us so far this year, than this time last year. We have had indications that this is due to economic hardship with people falling on hard times or struggling to afford to provide medical care to their cats.” Chandra Woodley, Marketing Officer at Cat Haven said.

Cat Haven is advising people what to do if they find stray, young kittens. “Please don’t touch or move the kittens unless they are in a dangerous area, as the mother will probably be nearby.  Just put some food and water out for the mother and keep an eye on the kittens. If they are in good condition, clean and plump then you can assume they are feeding from the mother so we can organise to trap the mother first, then the kittens. If, after many hours there is still no sign that  the mother is around, then place the kittens box with plenty of bedding for warmth and contact your council, Cat Haven or another rescue group as soon as you can.” Chandra Woodley, Cat Haven Marketing Officer said.

“It is crucial for newborn kittens to receive the nutrition from the mother cat’s milk during the first couple of days of their lives and many kittens will not survive if separated from the mother during the first week of their life.” Chandra Woodley said.

Cat Haven is asking people to spread the word to sterilize and microchip their cats and they can help by offering discounted Snip and Chip deals to people on concession cards. It is law to sterilize and microchip all cats over six months old in Western Australia.

“Although the number of unwanted cats has reduced since the Cat Act was introduced in 2013, the message is still not getting through to some sections of the community. We are still working hard towards Getting to Zero Euthanasia, with our annual euthanasia rate at only 12% currently – we do not put healthy or treatable cats to sleep. However, we can only continue to do this if funds allow and our funds are very low at the moment.” Chandra Woodley said.

98% of Cat Haven’s running costs are raised by donations and not Government funding, and they are committed to remaining an ‘open admission shelter’, never turning away any cat.

Date: 21 September 2017

For all media enquiries contact Chandra Woodley on 9442 3600 or 0412 115 937

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