Cat Collar Trial - Volunteers Needed to Test New Cat Collar

22 October 2013

Volunteers Needed to Trial a New Cat Collar Device  

'Is your cat a hunter? Owners can be distressed when their cats bring home dead birds, lizards or other wildlife. Cat Haven has an opportunity to address the problem by marketing the Birdsbesafe collar cover in Western Australia. This warns potential prey of the whereabouts of the cat, so they keep a safe distance. The effectiveness of the Birdsbesafe has not been tested in Australia, so Cat Haven would like to be assured of its value before promoting its sale. 

Researchers at Murdoch University are undertaking an independent test. They are seeking owners of cats bringing home prey at least once a fortnight to volunteer their cats to test this new device. To volunteer your cat or ask questions, leave a message for Catherine Hall on 9360 2843.

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