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Cat Haven Foster Care

Want to adopt me?

To meet me in foster care please contact our foster care department on:

Phone:(08) 9442 3600


The foster carer will then be in touch to discuss this further and arrange a meeting. If after leaving your details you have not heard from anyone after 48 hours, please let us know. Once you’ve decided to give a foster cat or kitten a furrever home you’ll need to come to Cat Haven in person to complete the adoption paperwork before taking them home. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Jemima - 151902 - Female - Young Adult

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Pursonality Traits

Hello, I'm Jemima,

I'm a gentle, alert and adventurous young girl - I love to play and pounce when I'm not chillin' on a comfy chair or bed. I have become more relaxed since I came to my foster home, and like to stretch out and show my tummy. I'm a friendly cat who enjoys attention. I purr a lot too. I am a little quirky. I like to 'clean up' all around my litter tray and food bowls, and knead blankets. My foster Mum thinks this is very cute and it makes her laugh! I like a quiet house, and love to smooch with people and lay on my Foster Mum in bed for a while too, but only until she moves!

I have already been adopted once but wasn't coping in the household so I need a forever home without small children or other pets. Due to my pale features I also need a home where I can minimise my exposure to the sun.

I like to have my alone time, but also enjoy being social with you too. I really am a delightful girl, and really look forward to meeting you soon. Come meet me in my foster home in Butler.

Jemima has a small lesion on the eye known as iris pigmentation. This can be seen as a small dark patch on the colored part of the eye. Often this sort of lesion is benign, and is unlikely to cause any visual defects. Occasionally, iris pigmentation can progress to a type of cancer called melanoma. It is always important to monitor iris pigmentation for changes in size, shape and color over time. Please seek veterinary attention if you believe that the lesion is changing or you have concerns about her vision.

Jemima has recovered from calicivirus, which is a type of cat flu. This is a common respiratory disease that usually affects the eyes, nose, and mouth in cats. In particular, it can cause painful ulcers of the mouth and gums. Whilst your cat has recovered from calicivirus, it is possible that secondary infections such as gingivitis and stomatitis (inflammation in the mouth) can occur. Jemima has presented with a mild case of gingivitis. Dental hygiene may help prevent its development. We have recommended that she stays on a dental hygiene diet. It is important that you monitor her oral health and get her teeth checked regularly by your primary care veterinarian.

Jemima has displayed during her time at Cat Haven some evidence of toileting inappropriately, such as toileting on bedding or outside the litter tray. The urine has been checked to rule out medical concerns, and it is likely that this behaviour is associated with stress and/or anxiety. It is possible that this behaviour will continue during the transition to your new home, and we cannot rule out that it may be an ongoing issue. We hope that this behaviour will settle as your new family member settles into your home.

Cat Haven does not take any responsibility for any subsequent conditions or issues that may develop in the future as a result of these conditions.