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Cat Haven Foster Care

Want to adopt me?

To meet me in foster care please contact our foster care department on:

Phone:(08) 9442 3600


The foster carer will then be in touch to discuss this further and arrange a meeting. If after leaving your details you have not heard from anyone after 48 hours, please let us know. Once you’ve decided to give a foster cat or kitten a furrever home you’ll need to come to Cat Haven in person to complete the adoption paperwork before taking them home. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Lily - 156022 - Female - Senior

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Pursonality Traits

I'm a such a sweet old lady, I love chin scratches and bum rubs =^.^=

My first owner had a baby and found that I wasn't adapting well, then I was adopted but my new feline roommate was a total bully. I have lived with other cats and dogs in the past, so with a nice, slow introduction I may be able to do so again, as long as they aren't bullies too!

I will need a quiet home where I can minimise my exposure to the sun. Just be sure to give me time, love and patience, as all of this is so overwhelming for me. You can meet me in my foster home in Brabham.

Health Issues

Lily has a skin condition which has caused severe hair loss and itching in the past. There are a number of different things that can cause this condition, and it can be difficult to determine the underlying cause without specialists testing and trials. It is not known what causes her skin reaction, therefore it is important that you use a variety of preventative measures. Allergic skin conditions can recur throughout an animal’s lifetime and continued treatment/ intermittent medication may be required. Cat Haven is not liable for these costs. Lily also has a skin condition called Feline Acne or Chin Acne. Lily has had 2 lesions / lumps removed from under her chin which were determined to be sebaceous cysts, likely secondary to build up of sebum secondary to feline chin acne. There is a possibility of recurrence. It is not known what causes her skin reaction, though it is usually mild and manageable.

Lily has had a history of cystitis or crystalluria. In some cases this will not cause any ongoing concerns but requires ongoing monitoring at home and frequent check ups with a veterinarian. Lily is already on a specialised diet for her allergic skin disease, and while on this diet she has not had any recurrent bouts of lower urinary tract disease. It is advisable to have Lily rechecked in 6 months time with your primary care veterinarian so they may recheck and reassess her urine then. Following this check it is advisable to continue monitoring her for any signs of lower urinary tract disease.

Cat Haven does not take any responsibility for any subsequent conditions or issues that your cat may develop in the future as a result of these conditions.