Chancey - 155506 - Female - Adult
Chancey - 155506 - Female - Adult
Chancey - 155506 - Female - Adult

Cat Haven Foster Care

Want to adopt me?

To meet me in foster care please contact our foster care department on:

Phone:(08) 9442 3600


The foster carer will then be in touch to discuss this further and arrange a meeting. If after leaving your details you have not heard from anyone after 48 hours, please let us know. Once you’ve decided to give a foster cat or kitten a furrever home you’ll need to come to Cat Haven in person to complete the adoption paperwork before taking them home. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Chancey - 155506 - Female - Adult

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In Foster

Purrsonality Traits

Hi, my name is Chancey. Would you like to take a chance on me?

I am a sweet and funny nearly 9 year old girl who loves pats and singing for my dinner.

It may take me a little while to feel safe around you - because new people and noises are very scary! I would thrive in a quiet home with adults. I love to be queen of the house and other cats stress me out. I also need a home where I can minimise my exposure to the sun so that my nose and ears are protected from sun damage.

I was a very scared girl the first night with my foster parents. I didn’t even come out of my carrier! After a few days though I got a little bit more brave and would explore the laundy, and my foster parents got to admire my soft fur and beautiful eyes.

Fast forward 12 months and I love hanging out all over the house. My favourite thing to do is purr at the end of the bed when my fosters parents go to sleep - and I love snuggling up on my own terms where I can set the pace. Being picked up is still scary - but I’ve never scratched or bitten my fosters, even when I’ve been REALLY scared.

These days I love to be given a good scratch under the chin and on my back - if you’re lucky I’ll stretch out and roll around, which is just the cutest!

But the thing my foster parents like most about me is my singing voice. I love the special biscuits they got for me and I’m not shy about letting them know when I’m hungry. For a little while there they were feeding me too much because I was so persuasive!

I’m a very easy and placid cat to look after once I settle in to a new place, so if you think you might be right for me I’d love to meet you. My foster home is in Hocking.

Health Issues

Chancey has had multiple urinary issues while in our care. Apart from FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) she has also had several episodes of urinary tract infections, and, at times, was toileting inappropriately. She has had multiple diagnostic tests including an ultrasound in April 2020 and she was treated with a long course of antibiotics. Chancey has been thriving in foster care, and has not been showing any clinical signs of urinary tract issues any more. Her most recent urine test ruled out any infection however we cannot be sure that any urinary issues will not recur in the future.

Chancey also has a medical waiver for Sensitive Stomach.