Dr Worm - 167481 - Timid/Scared in shelter

Dr Worm - 167481 - Timid/Scared in shelter

Reason for Foster

Timid, respite from shelter, enrichment. 


Quiet home. 

Approximate Age

3 years.

Previous Foster Carer / Shelter Notes

My name is Dr Worm. Good morning, how are you, I'm Dr Worm! I'm interested in things. I'm not a real doctor but I am a real handsome boy who's looking for a home. I was found as a stray and everyone here loves me and wants to see me adopted into a loving family, hopefully I won't be here long!

Dr Worm is FIV+, this is a feline only virus and is only passed on to other cats through very deep bite wounds, often as a result of fighting for territory or mates. It is most commonly found in unsterilised stray / outdoor cats. The virus can mean that Dr Worm is more susceptible to stress related diseases so being in the shelter is no place for this lovely boy. Ensuring a low stress environment and a quality diet is important to ensure a long, and happy life for him.