Kitty Demi - 172051 - Female - Senior
Kitty Demi - 172051 - Female - Senior
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Cat Haven Foster Care

Want to adopt me?

To meet me in foster care please contact our foster care department on:

Phone:(08) 9442 3600


The foster carer will then be in touch to discuss this further and arrange a meeting. If after leaving your details you have not heard from anyone after 48 hours, please let us know. Once you’ve decided to give a foster cat or kitten a furrever home you’ll need to come to Cat Haven in person to complete the adoption paperwork before taking them home. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Kitty Demi - 172051 - Female - Senior

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Purrsonality Traits

Kitty Demi is a sweet and grumpy 12 year old lady who loves her beauty sleep. ❤️

She enjoys pats, sitting on laps and sleeping at the end of the bed. Her favourite place to spend time is in her cat cave, where she can take naps and watch the world go by.

Kitty likes playing with ribbons and chasing her tail, but definitely prefers to spend her time relaxing. Kitty also loves food – perhaps a bit too much as she is a bigger lady than some.

Kitty is used to being on her own during the day while her foster carer works, but is definitely a companion cat. She would fit in to a few different household types, especially if given space to familiarise herself with everyone. She’s even been able to get used to people who visit once in a while, except the little ones, as they are a bit too active for her.

She was sadly surrendered after her owner became very unwell and could no longer care for her. They said she is very placid and loves affection.

Email Fostercare with your phone number and foster mum will be in touch to arrange a meeting at her foster home in Currambine.

Health Issues

Kitty has a small lesion on the eye known as iris pigmentation. This can be seen as a small dark patch on the coloured part of the eye. Often this sort of lesion is benign, and is unlikely to cause any visual defects.

Kitty has been diagnosed with mild Pectus Escavatum, a common congenital malformation of the sternum and rib cartilages affecting cats. The condition results in a narrowing of the chest or a depression of the sternum into the chest cavity. This deformity, if severe, can reduce effective lung function and may also interfere with heart function. Some cats have no obvious associated clinical signs and can lead normal lives. 

Kitty has a skin condition which has caused severe hair loss and itching in the past. There are a number of different things that can cause this condition, and it can be difficult to determine the underlying cause without specialists testing and trials. It is not known what causes her skin reaction, therefore it is important that you use a variety of preventative measures.

She also has a small chip in her tooth. Our veterinarians have carefully assessed this chip and no further treatment is currently required.