Mary-Anne - 167112 - * Foster Transfer Needed *

Mary-Anne - 167112 - * Foster Transfer Needed *

Reason for Foster

Stresses in shelter, trying to find foster carer to transfer to.


Quiet home preferred, or quiet space for her.

Approximate Age

1 years 1 months 1 week.

Previous Foster Carer / Shelter Notes


My name is Mary-Anne and aren’t I a pretty girly, with my lovely, long soft fur and bushy tail.

I was found as a stray and may never have been owned, which is rather sad as I am only 1 year old but I have been in foster care for the last 2 months and I am slowly getting used to humans. I like to sit in a box in the office listening to foster mum type away on the computer and I love it when big fluff ball Samson comes to visit. I come out to rub against him and try to get him to play with me.

I have discovered the toys in my room and when no-one is around I play with the balls and the mice.

I am very good at using my litter tray and love my food, not fussy at all.

I am going to need a patient person to take me home as it will take me a while to get used to these humans. It would be nice if it is someone with the time to spend with me helping me relax.