Zazzle & The Baby- 171281/2 - Females - Adult & Young Adult

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Zazzle & The Baby- 171281/2 - Females - Adult & Young Adult

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Purrsonality Traits

Meowdy folks, we are Zazzle (6 yo) and The Baby (4 yo). Our names are cool enough to be an 80s band, so as the lead singer, I'll will do the meowing. After all, I am more vocal than Baby, who has tiny high-pitched meows—she's much better as a back-up singer.

We are an adorable bonded pair who was sadly surrendered because our owner was moving and couldn't take us with them. We were a little shy when we first went home with our foster mum, but it didn't take me too long to come out for pats (The Baby needed a little longer). I love pats and scritches, and will happily purr for more. Our foster mum likes to think of us as her 'day and night' cats. I'm usually more active during the day and will mooch around the house, whereas The Baby becomes smoochier at night.

My favourite place is on the front windowsill, as I can see the world go by. If you have a cat run, I think I'd really like that, as I like to sit by the front door when it's open and feel the fresh breeze in my fur. The Baby does her own thing during the day—she likes to find somewhere to curl up and sleep. I must admit I do like to sleep in the wardrobe—I need my beauty sleep! Neither of us have shown too much interest in toys, but we love to keep our claws manicured, so please have a scratching post or mat ready for us.

As we are an 80s band, image is everything, so we need regular brushing to keep our hair. You'll also need to keep an eye on me, as I tend to eat my rider before The Baby has a chance to saunter on in. What can I say, I don't want to faint during a performance!

If you have room in your home and heart for two lovely ladies, come and meet us at the shelter.

Health Issues

Zazzle and The Baby both have mild dental tartar and associated gum changes. This is very common in mature cats.

The Baby has a skin condition which has caused severe hair loss and itching in the past. There are a number of different things that can cause this condition, and it can be difficult to determine the underlying cause without specialists testing and trials. It is not known what causes her skin reaction, therefore it is important that you use a variety of preventative measures.