Hill's Science Diet Young Adult Neutered Cat Salmon Pouch 85g

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Specifications and Features

Hill's Science Diet Feline Young Adult Neutered Pouches

Hills Science Diet Adult Neutered is a delicous formula specifically designed for neutered cats. Neutered felines are more than three times as likely to become overweight and be prone to suffer from urinary problems. This unique formula is designed to meet these needs formulated with clinically proven antioxidants and a specific weight management Salmon formula.

These tender, succulent chunks in a delicous gravy contain only the highest quality which are easy to digest to ensure proper nutrient absorption to keep your cat both fit and healthy. A scientifically balanced and complete meal which contain a precise balance of key nutrients delivering the optimal amount of energy to support positive body weight. 

  • Product Code: 11096LG
  • Weight: 90.00 grams