SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect

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Specifications and Features

The Microchip Pet Door Connect will have a companion app that enables you to remotely lock/unlock the door from anywhere – e.g. you can schedule a curfew time to keep your pet in at a specified time of day (great for cats at dusk!).

Owners will be able to receive notifications via the app when their pet leaves or enters the house, the app will log and track these comings and goings over time —with the potential to flag up changes in behaviour.

A minimum 1Mbps home broadband connection is required for the pet door to function, plus a spare Ethernet port to plug in the Hub device. Access to the app can also be shared with others, such as a pet sitter. The hub is link between your Connect door and the Sure Petcare app, enabling you to control Connect products using the Sure Petcare app. Includes mains adaptor and ethernet cable.

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  • Weight: 5200.00000 grams