Sticky Paws Strips

Cleaning & Repellents

Specifications and Features

Sticky Paws are a simple way of deterring your cat from scratching or eliminating on a surface. These transparent strips can be applied directly to the area you don't want your cat to scratch, for example the arm of your sofa.

When your cat goes to touch the area, they will feel the stickiness of the strips and stop. The sensation is undesirable for them and they'll learn to associate that area with the negative sensation. Once your cat has learned to dislike the area, you can remove the strips. There are 24 strips in each pack measuring 29cm L x 4.5cm W.

  • Medical grade adhesive won't harm furniture or your cat.
  • Safe to use on sofas, carpets and curtains.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Weight: 115.00000 grams