Trouble & Trix No More Litterbox Odours

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Specifications and Features

Litter boxes aren't meant to smell like fresh roses, but they sure shouldn't be smelling like toxic waste. If your litter box is a bit on the nose, try using Trouble and Trix No More Litterbox Odour Powder.

Trouble and Trix Odour Power neutralizes the litterbox fast. Simply sprinkle some across the bottom of the literbox and then pour the usual amount of litter on top. Using a natural, non-toxic formula, the powder works effectively to absorb the smells, which means less changing the litter around. 

Made in Australia from naturally-occurring minerals.

Suitable for use with all kinds of cat litter, this miracle powder is here to stay. If you need help neutralizing odours around your cat's litter tray, try Trouble and Trix today!

  • Weight: 500.00000 grams