Kitten De-Stress Days

Cuddle a Kitten at Work - de-stress and enjoy the calming benefits of cats!

We can bring kittens to your workplace if you have an office in or near the CBD, with over 50 staff. There is a small fee of $295 plus gst to help cover our costs and we bring everything you need.

Cat Haven has been conducting Workplace Wellness Kitten De-stress Days in the city for the last year, with many CBD offices hosting a litter of kittens for staff to play with in their lunch break. So why not keep your staff calmer, healthier and happier during their working day, and book a corporate kitten visit to your workplace?

It is widely thought, with research found across the internet, that if you have a high-stress job, you may suffer from anxiety or high blood pressure. Research has also shown that having a pet can help to relieve stress and anxiety, which is known to help protect against heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing the heart rate.  It is thought that stroking a pet can reduce the level of stress-related hormones in the blood. Believe it or not, by simply spending a few minutes with your pet you can reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) as well as boost serotonin, a happy hormone that makes you feel better and reduces pain. Spending time with your pet helps to balance hormones in your favour as well as calm your nerves.

Sadly not everyone can own a cat, nor can they take their cat to work with them, so Cat Haven offers workplaces the opportunity to have a visit from some Cat Haven kittens.  This service is only offered during kitten season, which usually starts in November and goes through to April.

Kitten visits in the workplace are normally held in a secure meeting room or lunch room for up to two hours during a lunch break, with a Cat Haven staff member supervising the kittens at all times. All we need is parking near the building entry, a safe room and as many staff as possible coming through to play with the kittens, learn about cat ownership and hopefully make a donation!

Cat Haven provides all the kittens’ needs on the day such as food, toys and cat litter trays as well as hand sanitiser for the staff. All the kittens are health checked and toilet trained, and so far there have been no ‘incidents or accidents’.

If you would like to book a Workplace Kitten De-stress day at your organisation or to find out more please email or