Adoption Disclaimer

Disclaimer - I accept that:

  • As the Adopter I am over the age of 18 years and I am an Australian Resident.
  • This animal has been vet checked and I have been advised of any existing known health problems.
  • Vet work to date is included in the adoption fee; the next vaccination and future vet work is at my expense and to be arranged with my local vet.
  • Given the nature of animal welfare facilities, this animal cannot be guaranteed to be completely illness free. I accept the animal may be incubating or have been exposed to an illness, and not yet presented with any symptoms for which Cat Haven doesn’t accept any liability.
  • I am aware that bites or scratches may be exacerbated by any pre-existing conditions or illnesses that I suffer from. Cat Haven will not be held liable for any injuries sustained by the animal I am adopting.
  • I understand that if I adopt a bonded pair they MUST stay together, and if for any reason it doesn’t work out BOTH must be returned.
  • I understand that Cat Haven will register my animals microchip/process my change of ownership form as part of the adoption process and to do so will be required provide my personal details to the relevant registration authority.
  • I am aware that my adopted cat is entitled to two weeks free veterinary consultations at the Cat Haven clinic, for any illness that may be present at the time of adoption but was not showing at that time. This will not cover any diet related illness (such as diarrhoea) if you do not purchase a bag of the relevant Hill’s food on the day of adoption. This can be purchased online or from our retail store at Cat Haven, 23 Lemnos St, Shenton Park.
  • In compliance with the new WA Cat Act 2011, effective from 1/11/2013, details of this adoption will be forwarded to my local council. I understand that Council registration must be completed as soon as possible. When I have the relevant paperwork (Sterilisation certificate & microchip evidence) I will complete an online application or take my adoption pack to my shire office ASAP. I agree to return my cat at the designated date to be sterilised at Cat Haven or affiliated partners. I understand this is a LEGAL requirement and will fulfil this duty.
  • Cat Haven no longer test for FIV/ FeLV, unless the cat is considered to be in a high risk category. If this is the case and the cat is positive for either, then a Waiver will be issued with the cat. In the past when we did regular tests we found that just under 3 % of cats had FIV and less than 1 %  Felv.