Cat Rescue Service

If you find a stray on your property, the first call to make is to your local council to see if they can assist with a council ranger pick up of the cat, but not all councils offer this service.

If not, please call Cat Haven reception on 08 9442 3600 to arrange for our professional cat rescue officer to come out to your property, whether it's residential or industrial/commercial, to develop possible solutions to capture the cat and bring it to Cat Haven. It's a much better outcome for the cat to be brought in to our shelter than to be left to fend of itself or cause ongoing problems in the area. This helps the feral cat population issue and means less cat fights, less kitten breeding and better feline disease control, and of course is a much better life for the cat!

This is a fee based service to cover the cost of this service as we are a charity - please check when you book the Cat Rescue Service with our reception staff.

We Can Reunite or Rehome the Cat to a Loving Home

We will check if the cat is microchipped and owned by someone who is missing it, and we have a greater chance of reuniting the cat with it's owner. Or we can rehome the cat if it's homeless.

If You Find an Cat in Distress

If you find a stray cat that needs rescuing from a dangerous situation or in distress, or it seems to be injured or in bad condition, we can help - the welfare of the cat is paramount to us and we often don't charge a fee for this rescue. Please check with Reception staff regarding any Cat Rescue Service fees.

If You Find Kittens on Your Property

Please click here for Found Kittens info section on our website under Cat Info.