Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions, if you cannot find the answer to your questions please contact us here

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When was Cat Haven formed?

“Rescuing Cats from the Perils of the Streets” was the original aim of the Cat Welfare Society when it was established in 1961.

How is Cat Haven Funded?

Cat Haven is WA’s only open admission shelter for lost and homeless cats of Perth. We raise 95% of our operating costs from donations and rely heavily on
the generosity of the public and our supporters to keep our doors open.

Why should I donate to Cat Haven?

Financial donations to Cat Haven go straight to the 7,500 cats in our care each year. Providing vet treatment, shelter, foster homes & much much more.

When is Cat Haven busiest time of the year?

October to April - With the influx of kittens from breeding season.

Can I donate goods to Cat Haven?

Yes, we accept

Blankets (fleece or knitted)


Creamy Treats (great for befriending scared cats)

Toys for playful cats

Paper litter for kittens


You can drop off at 23 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park. We have donation bins out the
front, we are open from 8am-5:30pm weekdays and 9am-5pm weekends.

Please be mindful of dropping donations we can't use, pillow cases, hand towels fitted
sheets, pillows or doonas as we have to dispose of these ourselves which is very time consuming for our volunteers and has a cost incurred.

What isyour Scheme ID for containers for change?

Use our Scheme ID at a collection point to donate your cans C10294441

How do I adopt a cat or kitten?

Cat Haven has
hundreds of cats and kittens looking for a loving, long term home. For more information on adoptions please click here

Do you currently have kittens?

Kitten season runs from around late October until late February, peaking in December and January.

We have kittens becoming available on most days during the peak season.

Kittens will be put into the condos for viewing throughout the day as they are cleared by our vets.

Please do not phone to enquire about kittens as our phone staff cannot check on availability and they do get adopted quickly, so if one is available when you phone they may be taken before you arrive.

Sorry but we cannot hold kittens.

What happens if a cat doesn’t find a home?

Our cats always find a homes as there is no time limit to
their length of stay, we will move them to temporary foster home if they have been in the shelter too long.

How do I meet a cat in foster care?

You can register your interest in a foster cat by clicking Register Adoption Interest on the cats profile. For more info click here

How do I surrender a cat?

If you feel you have to give away your cat for any reason, Cat Haven can help.

We will try to provide you with advice and resources to make it possible for you to keep your cat but if you have to surrender it, we will take your cat in to our shelter and try our best to find
it a good home.

For more information please click here

I have found a lost cat, can I drop it off to Cat Haven?

If you have found a cat with no signs of identification, and you believe it to be a stray, please contact your local council who are responsible for Cat Management. If you want to go the extra mile, post information of the cat and where it was found, along with a photo, on Perth Pets Lost and Found on Facebook and local notice boards, letter box drops close
to where you found the cat etc.

Vet Clinics can also assist by scanning the cat for a microchip and if the cat is chipped, contacting the owner. Some vet
clinics will accept strays.

If you have exhausted all of these avenues, you can make an
appointment to surrender the cat at Cat Haven by emailing us at All surrenders are by appointment only Monday to Friday. Unfortunately we cannot
accept surrenders on weekends or public holidays.

As we have to raise over 95% of our operating costs, we charge a small fee currently $20 per cat to help cover some of the cost of caring for the cat. 

Can I volunteer if i'm under 18?

You need to be 18+ to
volunteer onsite, if you are under 18 There are still lots of other ways you can help our Cat
Haven cats, such as, raising money for Cat Haven by baking and selling cakes, collecting containers for change from school and the local community,
collecting donations of towels and blankets, food, litter, toys etc and also even having a go at making your own cat enrichment toys to give out to the
cats here on site.

How do I apply to become at Cat Haven Volunteer?

Volunteering is essential to the
everyday operations of Cat Haven and we need YOU!

We have lots of tasks that we need help with everyday to keep rescuing the over 7,500 cats we take in every
year. Click here to apply.

Can I become a foster carer for Cat Haven?

Most certainly, we are always in need of foster carers.

Please click here for more info.

What do I need to supply for my foster cat?

The foster department and Cat Haven provide all the food, veterinary care, enrichment tools, bowls and bedding. They also provide support to you, from the team and the large foster community, throughout your foster journey to help both you and the cat get the most out of
the experience. You provide litter and the attention and different household situations like children, dogs, other cats, the vacuum cleaner, the car and so
on. Having your own pets can be an advantage, not a disadvantage! 

How do I become a member?

You can complete your Cat
Haven Membership form here

What are the benefits of being a member?

Your membership of the Cat
Welfare Society will assist Cat Haven to improve cat welfare in Western Australia and to provide care and rehoming facilities for rescued and
surrendered cats.

Members receive:

Regular Cat Chat magazine

10% off all in-store products

5% discount on Boarding

Invitations to Cat Haven events

Eligibility to vote and to serve on the Board of Management (for members aged 18 years and over).

How much does it cost to be a member?

Adult : $50.00

Senior 60+: $35.00

Lifetime Membership – over 55: $500.00

Lifetime Membership – under 55: $1000.00

How do I become a regular donor?

You can sign up to be a regular via our donate page here

Your donation means the world to the cats here at Cat Haven. Your donation goes directly to the over 7,500 cats we
receive each year, this directly helps with feeding, vet
treatments, cleaning, finding foster homes if they are struggling in the shelter environment, enrichment toys, medication, and much much more. 

What are the boarding rates?

Member Rates:

One cat per kennel: $28.50

Two cats per kennel: $42.75

Three cats per kennel: $57.00

Four cats per kennel: $71.25

Non-Member Rates:

One cat per kennel: $30.00

Two cats per kennel: $45.00

Three cats per kennel: $60.00

Four cats per kennel $75.00

If you would like a cat run with outdoor access during exercise time there is an extra charge of just $7.50 per day.

How do I check if you have availability for my dates in boarding?

Please email us at with your required dates. We are usually busy cleaning in the morning but will get back to you after 1pm. 

Does my cat have to be vaccinated to visit boarding?

In order to ensure that your cat does not get sick, Cat Haven Boarding has a strict vaccination policy that unvaccinated cats will not be permitted to board with us. All cats must have
proof of current vaccination. If your cat has never been vaccinated or has not
been vaccinated in over 12 months, there is a 5 week process. This consists of
an annual vaccination, a booster two weeks later, and then a two week rest before your cat is allowed to board. Your cat must have been vaccinated with a
minimum of an F3 within the last 12 months.

What are your opening hours?

Cat Haven is open 7 days a week. We are closed Christmas Day, Good Friday & Easter Sunday.

I have a complaint?

Cat Haven is committed to addressing public complaints with sensitivity, promptness and impartiality. 

To complete the complaints process below click on the below link, Cat Haven Public Complaints Form

Cat Haven Public Complaint Form

A copy of Cat Haven's Public Complaint Process can be found here