Lost & Found Cats

If you have lost your cat and believe they may be listed below, please email us at admin@cathaven.com.au and quote the unique # ID to arrange a viewing appointment.

Cats currently held by Cat Haven

Lost & Found Cats on Hold at Cat Haven

Cat names listed on this page are given by Cat Haven on arrival and may not be representative of your lost cat's actual name. Ages given are approximate. If a cat is Microchipped, Cat Haven has contacted the numbers allocated to the chip, but have been unsuccessful in reaching the owner.

Cat Haven Hold Periods for Lost & Found Cats

Cats brought to Cat Haven by a council ranger will be held for the following periods:

After the hold period, if a cat is not reclaimed, we will do everything possible to rehome lost and stray cats to a new loving home. We do not put a healthy, rehomable cat to sleep unless the vet has deemed it necessary.

Information about lost cats

Generally, cats don’t wander far from their home territory. So if yours goes missing, there will be a reason why. If you have recently moved, and not taken sufficient time to acclimatise your cat to its new home, it may well have set off to return to its old familiar territory. Maybe a visiting dog in the street frightened your cat, or maybe a ‘helpful’ neighbour has been feeding it thinking it is a stray. Whatever the reason, if you have lost your cat, there are several steps you should take:

This means your cat may be brought in by a ranger to Cat Haven. Other councils may have their own management facilities and it is essential you advise them your cat is missing.