Companion Cats in Residential Aged Care Facilities

Companion cats in residential aged care facilities (Nursing homes)



Studies have shown that regular interaction with animals has a positive effect on mental health and also helps to combat feelings of loneliness, particularly in the aged community.

Cat Haven encourages Perth residential care facilities to adopt older, more sedate cats to become a communal cat at the facility bringing companionship and joy to the residents.

We currently have 17 cats happily living in care facilities across Perth and can provide glowing testimonials from staff and residents who are currently living with one (or two!) of our cats who will attest to the benefits of adopting a cat.

Due to the generous contributions of an anonymous donor Cat Haven can provide the following :

  • Approved organisations can adopt a cat for free (aged 7 and above) Cat Haven staff will assist in finding you a cat with a suitable temperament that will fit into your organisations living environment.
  • On the day of adoption Cat Haven will provide 12 months’ worth of flea and worm treatments and one 6kg bag of suitable Hill’s Science Diet food which is the diet we recommend.
  • We provide a comprehensive guide to go home with the cat with information regarding how to help your new cat settle in, feeding guidelines and general care to name a few.
  • We will also provide full and ongoing support - if you have any issues or questions you can reach out to us for advice and assistance for as long as the cat is with you.
  • Cat Haven will offer a 10% discount off any future purchases of food, litter, etc from our retail store while the cat is in your care.
  • Cat Haven will offer 6 monthly health checks of the cat at no charge, including one annual vaccine each year (health checks to be made by appointment with Cat Haven).
  • Cat Haven will contact you to remind you when the health checks are due and you can make an appointment at our vet clinic for a time and date that suits you to bring the cat in.
  • On top of the two annual health checks, if the cat becomes unwell at any time, you can contact Cat Haven to book your cat in to be assessed and treated at no charge.
  • If at any time you can no longer keep the cat, Cat Haven will happily take it back for rehoming.

We understand that taking on a companion cat also brings some additional responsibility for staff. We offer the adoption with an obligation free 6 week trial basis so if you feel as though a companion cat is not right for your organisation, Cat Haven are happy to take the cat back for rehoming.

If you would be interested in discussing any of the above in more detail or have any questions we would love to hear from you, please email us at: