Cat Haven Boarding

Please note we are fully booked from the 12/12 to 31/12 2023 Christmas/New Year period

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Cat Haven provides one of the very few cat boarding facility in Perth with vets specialising in cats on the premises seven days a week, available to treat your cat if they are suddenly unwell.

When boarding each cat or family of up to 4 have their own spacious room and access to our main areas if they wish to visit our office staff, one family at a time and all within our secure stand alone boarding building.

Each cat or cat family can expect:

  • Their own large, spacious room with multiple levels and access to the main central area, if they choose. Their boarding rooms have scratching posts, toys and blankets.
  • The boarding facility is climate controlled with air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter.
  • Each cat boarding room has cat bedding, cat toys, scratching posts, and a frequently cleaned litter tray.
  • Premium Hills Science Diet biscuits and supplementary generic wet food are provided and included in our cat boarding fees. Premium Hills Prescription Diet biscuits incur an additional charge.
  • Each cat has hugs, cuddles, and brushing daily at no charge.

We have a small number of kennels with outdoor access and these are perfect for the energetic cats and cats who enjoy lounging in patches of sun or listening to the birds.

To book please email us at with your required dates. We are usually busy cleaning in the morning but will get back to you after 1pm. 

Boarding Rates

Cat Welfare Society members benefit with discounted rates at Cat Haven Boarding but even so, our rates compare very favourably with those of other facilities. Not already a member?Click Here.

Full payment is required at the time of booking, members receive a 5% discount.

Member Rates:

One cat per kennel: $28.50

Two cats per kennel: $42.75

Three cats per kennel: $57.00

Four cats per kennel: $71.25

Non-Member Rates:

One cat per kennel: $30.00

Two cats per kennel: $45.00

Three cats per kennel: $60.00

Four cats per kennel $75.00

If you would like a cat run with outdoor access during exercise time there is an extra charge of just $7.50 per day.


In order to ensure that your cat does not get sick, Cat Haven Boarding has a strict vaccination policy that unvaccinated cats will not be permitted to board with us. All cats must have proof of current vaccination. If your cat has never been vaccinated or has not been vaccinated in over 12 months, there is a 5 week process. This consists of an annual vaccination, a booster two weeks later, and then a two week rest before your cat is allowed to board. Your cat must have been vaccinated with a minimum of an F3 within the last 12 months.

While every cat has its own kennel, putting your cat into a social environment, such as Boarding, is the time you want its vaccinations at their maximum effectiveness. A cat can be carrying the flu without showing any symptoms and it can shed the flu virus simply by shedding fur or dander. Our vaccination policy is so strict, purely to protect your cat while you are away.

Illness and Emergency

Your cat may find the boarding situation stressful or may become ill and Cat Haven may have to treat your cat in this event or arrange treatment by your own vet. You will be asked to sign an authorisation for Cat Haven to arrange emergency care for your cat if required prior to leaving your pet and you will be liable for any veterinary costs incurred. However, you can be assured that as WA's largest cat welfare shelter, we know cats well and are equipped to deal with most situations. If you request that your cat be transported to your local vet for treatment this will incur a transportation fee of $55 +gst per hour.

What to Know

  • All cats must be sterilised.
  • All cats must be over 6 months old.
  • Vaccination history to be provide at time of booking.
  • We charge $2.50 a day for once daily and $5 a day for twice daily medication administration.
  • We are unable to accept Diabetic cats due to medication timing.
  • If your cat needs to visit our veterinary clinic while boarding there is a surcharge of $25.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop off and pick up times are between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm except Sundays and Public Holidays 10.00am and 1.00pm.

A $25 fee applies to early and late drop off times and an appointment must be arranged prior. If you come to Cat Haven boarding outside these hours without an appointment, a $40 charge will be applied to your booking to be paid on arrival at Cat Haven.

Your cat must be in a standard retail secure cat carrier when entering and exiting Cat Haven. This is simply to ensure that your cat cannot escape in transit and it is easy for us to evacuate if absolutely necessary. We recommend that you keep your cat inside the morning before you are coming in as they often know what is going on and will inevitably decide to go for a wander just when it is time to go.

What to Bring for Cat Boarding

Premium Hills Science Diet biscuits and supplementary generic wet food are provided and included in our cat boarding fees. Premium Hills Prescription Diet biscuits incur an additional charge.

Ask us if you need a different brand of food and we will check if we have it available, or you can supply your own food.

We provide beds, bedding, blankets, litter trays, bowls, toys, scratching posts and food, heat and ice pack, and a lot of love, and we will do whatever we can to ensure your cat is as comfortable as possible.

You are welcome to place your cats favourite blanket in their carrier for scent familiarity however we are unable to accept other personal items.

All our boarders get love, hugs and brushing for free. You just need to let us know their preference when you drop your cat off and then you can relax and be assured that your cat is being well cared for.

For a small cost, additional services are available such as:

  • Nail Clipping
  • Flea & Worm Treatment
  • Microchipping
  • Booster Vaccinations
  • SMS Update while your cat boards


If you need to cancel, refunded according to the scale below. All dates refer to the first date of the booking.

14 days' notice or less = no refund

Greater than 14 days notice = 100% refund of deposit less $50 admin fee

Booking Conditions 

Dates can be adjusted with no fee's applicable greater than 14 days prior to check in. Less than 14 days no refund provided for altered dates and will incur a $15 admin fee per adjustment.

Should you collect your cat from the boarding facility earlier than initially planned, fees relating to unused days will not be refunded.

Please note you are not able to bring any personal items except one blanket that fits in your cats carrier with your cat and any specific food. 

Should you arrive outside of our drop off/pick up times a charge will be added to your invoice:

$25.00 if pre-organised with our Boarding team

$40 if not pre-organised payable on arrival at Cat Haven