Links and Resources

Getting to Zero (G2Z) – A ground-breaking community-based program aimed at reducing the euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals in Australia, developed by the Animal Welfare League of Queensland. Cat Haven is G2Z's WA representative.

NARGA - National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia - providing support for and representing animal rescue groups, refuges, foster carers and volunteers around Australia.

RSPCA WA – The official website of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Western Australia. The RSPCA is the primary authority enforcing the Animal Welfare Act 2002. - Western Suburbs Regional Organisation of Councils (WESROC) - promoting responsible cat ownership. - MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is an academic open-access publisher. Read diverse peer-reviewed, scientific, open access, electronic journals. Benefits of Fee Free Adoption click here to read paper.

SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) – A WA animal welfare organisation that operates across the state.

Department of Local Government (WA) - The Department of Local Government is responsible for the administration of the Cat Act 2011, WA's first statewide cat laws. Cat Haven is a member of the Department's Cat Act Implementation Committee.

Department of Agriculture and Food (WA) - The Department of Agriculture and Food is responsible for administering the Animal Welfare Act 2002. It assumed this power from the Department of Local Government in 2011.

PetMD - A popular resource of veterinary information for companion animals. Disclaimer: This site is for information purposes only. If your pet needs veterinary care, you should always consult your veterinarian. Cat Haven does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information on

Cat Allergy – Provides information on cat allergies and lists a number of solutions to common cat allergy problems.

LOLCats - The world's most popular resource for cute and funny cat pictures. - Click here for info about keeping your cat indoors to protect Australian native wildlife.