Foster a Cat in Need

Fostering is a wonderfully rewarding experience for you and lifesaving for the cats in your care. We honestly could not save as many of the cats and kittens of Perth that are in need, without our network of dedicated foster carers. 

Foster carers for adult cats are needed for a number of reasons, whether it be medical recovery, enrichment, socialisation or respite from the shelter environment. With over 80 cats and kittens received per day in busy periods, cats going out to foster also means we can free up desperately needed room onsite in the shelter to allow for incoming cats. 

During ‘kitten season’ (around October to March) we need foster carers to look after kittens too young or unwell to be re-homed when they first arrive. Some kittens may still be feeding from their mother, others may be orphaned and require one-on-one support to thrive. 

The foster department and Cat Haven provide all the food, veterinary care, enrichment tools, bowls and bedding. They also provide support to you, from the team and the large foster community, throughout your foster journey to help both you and the cat get the most out of the experience. You provide the attention and different household situations like children, dogs, other cats, the vacuum cleaner, the car and so on. Having your own pets can be an advantage, not a disadvantage! 

If you’re interested please complete a foster application here

Please note that acceptance to the foster care program does require acknowledgement and an agreement to the terms and conditions as stated on the application, so please read these carefully. For more information, please email us at

See our Fostering Brochure for more information about fostering cats.

For more information about foster care/general cat care please see our Foster Carers Handbook

Here are a few of our cats awaiting foster homes. Please note that these cats are currently awaiting urgent care and may have already been placed in a foster home prior to you joining our foster program. Please be aware that you may express interest in a particular cat on our website, but we cannot guarantee you will receive that cat to care for and you may be asked to care for a different, and equally needy cat on collection. Foster use a triage system for the cats awaiting care, and use details from your application to best match cats to carers.