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Cat Haven Cat Pen Sponsorship is back!

We have recently renovated our cat adoption sheds, removing the old rusted pens to be replaced with brand new RSPCA approved Cat Condo's.

These Condo's provide better disease control, are easier to clean, provide the cat with privacy to sleep, hide and toilet, allow for easier viewing by the public and have doubled our capacity.

You can sponsor one of these wonderful Cat Pens for $495 for a 12 - month personal sponsorship, or $795 for a 12 - month corporate sponsorship.

Your message will be engraved on a silver plaque above the pen, and you will receive a certificate of appreciation and thank you letter.

Once payment is made we will contact you to get further information, including to get your personalised message.

For queries regarding Pen Sponsorship contact Amy on 9442 3600, or