Cat in a Hot Tin Can

21 October 2014

Cat in a Hot Tin Can

Press Release issued: 10 April 2014 at 12:00am

Cat in a Hot Tin Can!

Last week Cat Haven received a call for help from a worried factory worker about a cat they had found in a skip bin on the premises with a tin can stuck over its head! The stray cat was so desperate for food it was scavenging in the skip bin for anything it could find to eat and got its head stuck firmly inside a soup can.

Cat Haven’s Ranger captured the cat and brought her into the Shenton Park shelter where the vet had to sedate the cat to remove the tin. “The cat had her head firmly wedged inside a can and she was extremely distressed.” Cat Haven Ranger Veronica said. “Whilst under sedation, the vet discovered the cat was lactating therefore we knew she had kittens out there somewhere, which is a big concern for us. So we de-sexed the cat whilst it was here and the very next day we returned the cat to where we found her, with some food, to hopefully be re-united with her kittens.”

Cat Haven’s Media Officer said that in this case Cat Haven followed RSPCA guidelines and even though this cat was classified as feral, because it was lactating, she was released to the area she was found. Under normal circumstances, the cat would either be rehomed or euthanized if it was deemed to be feral.

The Ranger will return to the industrial area in a couple of weeks to follow up and check on the welfare of the cat. She suggested that people make sure they close bin and skip bin lids and try to keep an eye on them as she often found stray cats and kittens in skip bins. “Sometimes if a kitten jumps in to a skip bin, it is too small to get back out and they can even get their heads trapped in the skip bin drain hole in their desperation to get out.”

Sadly Cat Haven receives 6000-8000 unwanted cats and kittens every year and as they are an ‘open shelter’ they never say no to any cat surrendered, no matter how old, sick or feral.

Cat Haven is completely full again, with a huge influx of cats and kittens dumped in the last week, partly due to the late kitten season this year. They are asking people to consider adopting an adult cat and all Cat Haven cats are sterilized, micro-chipped and vaccinated.

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