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Da Bird Feather Cat Teaser Toy

Da Bird Feather Cat Teaser Toy

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One of the reasons cats become overweight is that they don’t move enough. They feed from a bowl and then that is in for the day - we want them to understand that food can come in a variety of sources, and they should hunt for their food.

Emulate the cat’s natural instincts to hunt for their food - play for 10-15 mins before meals can ensure that you satisfy their hunt-chase-capture-consume prey drive and leave you with a happy and healthy cat.

Handcrafted in the USA with top quality materials, Da Bird Feather Teaser simulates the motion of a bird at your control. A flick of the wrist and the brightly coloured feathers dance and spin to invite your cat to play.

Encourages instinctual behaviours and exercise to keep your cat healthy and alert. Replacement feathers available. Assorted colours.

Key Features

  • The #1 cat toy
  • Bright feathers
  • Swivel action
  • Interactive play is great for exercise
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