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Golp Gourmet Puree With Prebiotics 130g

Golp Gourmet Puree With Prebiotics 130g

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Magnificent functional real food supplementation - GUT health PREBIOTIC puree.

Ingredients you need to know about… So much of our inner health and well-being happens in the GUT. Our puree contains BUCKET loads of prebiotics that connect and FEED the good bacteria in the gut (from our Golp yoghurt and other good bacteria sources) They are constantly working together to increase the health of the GUT MICROBIOME and strengthen the digestive tract for a stronger immune system.

Wondering about our Puree, it’s loaded with whole food carbohydrates to benefit the Gut and help slow down insulin spikes with this guilt-free treat. It contains plenty of phytonutrients and rainbow food with fibre for anti-inflammatory and immunity benefits to keep the gut healthy. 

We help create happy, healthy tummies with a stack of benefits including energy, vitality, gut wellness and improved immunity. 

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