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Litter Wonder Wheat 4kg

Litter Wonder Wheat 4kg

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This all-natural cat litter is made right here in Australia, from Australian wheat grain. Don’t think for a second that ‘all-natural” means this litter doesn’t stack up to the expensive, complicated stuff on the market. Wonder Wheat is just as absorbent, long lasting and effective as other cat litters. In some cases, it's even more so! Plus, it's biodegradable, which helps you reduce the size of your kitty's environmental pawprint. Wonder Wheat is an all-round winner!

  • Totally Eliminates Odour: protein enzymes in the wheat neutralise and absorb any cat odour, organically.
  • Natural Product: Wonder Wheat Cat Litters work naturally, without the use of chemicals, additives or cover up perfumes.
  • Safe Clumping: starch in the wheat causes the litter to clump. Wonder Wheat is clay free and requires no silica dust or other chemicals to make it clump.
  • Fully Flushable: Wonder Wheat Cat Litters are fully flushable and are safe for septic systems. 
  • 100% Biodegradable: Made from 100% Australian top grade specially processed wheat grain.
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