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Salmon Belly 90g The Paw Grocer

Salmon Belly 90g The Paw Grocer

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  • The Paw Grocer treats are 100%, single ingredient Australian proteins
  • No additives or fillers
  • Our treats are biologically appropriate for both DOGS & CATS
  • Simply freeze dried, which means the treats remain raw and retain their nutritional value

Our Salmon Bellies are full of nutrients!

  • The salmon bellies have a high-calorie, low-carb, very high-fat and high-protein content
  • Salmon's high OMEGA-3 content makes in great for heart health, and will ensure a shiny coat in both cats and dogs
  • Salmon also has the added bonus of VITAMIN D, which is essential for healthy muscles and bone

We recommend our salmon bellies for recreational chewing, which is good for dental health. They are not diced and vary in size as they are 100% natural product. They are both belly meat and fin, and super crunchy.

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