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Vetnex Natural Dental Powder - Kangaroo

Vetnex Natural Dental Powder - Kangaroo

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Vetnex Plaque Control natural dental care range is 100% natural made 
from organic seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, which is highly nutritious
and has a natural defensive mechanism against dental plaque, tartar
and bad breath. Vetnex Plaque Control dental products are orally ingested and work
from inside. The natural compounds in the seaweed come out through
saliva and work on the bacterial biofilm to reduce plaque or tartar
forming on the teeth, providing a natural protection on the teeth
of your pet for healthier teeth and gums and fresh breath.

Vetnex Plaque Control Dental Powder (Kangaroo) for dogs & cats 100g
contains organic seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum with added real kangaroo
to make the seaweed dental product not only just healthy but also
tastier and more enjoyable for your pet. The product is a tasty powder with natural kangaroo flavour
which can be easily added to your pet’s daily dry or wet foods,
offering a natural solution for the dental and oral health of
your pet.
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