Volunteers Needed

Volunteer with Cat Haven

Welcome! Volunteers are an essential part of the team here at Cat Haven. All of our Volunteers need to registered with us and undertake a task specific induction. Most tasks required us to obtain a Police Clearance for you. Volunteering is a great way to learn about cats and their behaviour, meet like-minded people, and give back to your community! Volunteers assist in the following areas:

Cleaning Food Bowls and Litter Trays

Is washing up your favourite job at home? Well how would you like to spend a few hours a week washing up our kitties food and water bowls?   More info... 

Washing  Linen

Perhaps turning on the washing machine is your favourite job at home, or you find hanging out the washing is just so relaxing? More info...

Cleaning Cat Enclosures

Once you have some experience with washing bowls, beds, or litter trays you will be offered a well earned promotion to cleaning cat enclosures. More info... 



How would you like to cruise the streets of Perth in one of the famous orange and white vans.  More info...  


Our retail store on site offers a huge range of feline goodies but someone needs to stack the shelves, open the boxes as they are delivered and assist customers. More info...

Event Planning

Are you an "organiser", someone who likes to lead the group? Well yes bossy boots we have a job for you. More info...  

Event Preparation & Closing

Do you love hard physical work, such as lifting or moving tables, marquees, boxes? Do you have limited time available? More info...

Event Staff

Each of our events have special needs but they all need volunteers to assist whilst they run and help with setting up and taking down equipment. More info...

Carlisle Collective

Do you love clothes retail especially when it’s recycled quality ladies clothing donated to Cat Haven to help us raise those much needed funds? We have regular weekend shifts at our Pop Up Shop at Carlisle Collective Oats Street Carlisle from 10.00 am – 3.00am every Saturday and Sunday. More info...

Kitten Yoga

This has to be the best volunteer job in the world. You take the kittens to a yoga class and then make sure no-one rolls onto them. Then you bring the excited little kitties home. What fun! You do need some training and experience for this task, kittens can be hard to herd and get back into the little carriers.

Kitten Destress Sessions

This is a bit like the Kitten Yoga job but without the customers lying down and throwing their legs in the air. Like Kitten Yoga you do need some training and experience for this task, kittens can be hard to herd and get back into the little carriers.

Ringworm Warrior

Yes, this is THE number one volunteer job in popularity. More info...

Cat Enrichment

Some of our cats find the shelter stressful. They are not used to being in a smallish, enclosure with the sounds and smells from other cats. More info...

Vet Clinic Assistance

Are you studying to be a vet nurse or a vet and would like some hands on experience? Our Vet clinic has volunteer positions for people like you. You will assist in keeping the clinic clean and sterile and preparing equipment and linen for operations.

Corporate Days

Does your company offer time off for a group to do a few hours volunteering? We would welcome your group to come down and do some maintenance around the site. We always have a list of things that need completing, and of course you can cuddle a cat afterwards, or even adopt a kittie.

Gardening & Maintenance

Do you have a green thumb or are handy with a hammer or screwdriver? Our gardening and maintenance team would love some help.

Administration/Data Entry

Is data entry your cup of tea? or filing? Yes, we have a volunteer position for you in our office. We do sometimes have problems fitting everyone into the desks so you may need to be rostered on for specific days or times, but lets see if we can work somethng out.


Has your cat had a holiday with us? Well you will know that our large, roomy kennels need to be kept spotlessly clean and the kitties litter trays cleaned and food and water kept fresh. We need volunteers to help with this and as an added bonus you can cuddle the guests.

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Isn't it exciting wrapping the families Christmas presents? Well imagine doing this in a shopping centre for a couple of hours? Yes, you will love this and it only happens in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Put your name down to help us with this fun job.

Volunteers who wish to assist Cat Haven on site must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must be able to commit to a minimum of one, three hour shift per week (the same day each week) for a minimum of three months (excluding fundraising/event volunteers)
  • You must be physically fit with the ability to lift 10kgs on a regular basis, as well as squat, bend and kneel to clean cat enclosures, move stock and transport cats in their crates
  • You must be able to follow and comprehend instructions that are given to you, and be able to work without direct supervision
  • You must be comfortable interacting with staff members, fellow volunteers and members of the public, providing assistance if required
  • You must be able to provide at least one professional reference, and obtain a clean police clearance at a cost of $17 to you (or we can accept one that is less than six months old)

Volunteer inductions are held every three weeks.

If you are interested in applying, please click here to fill out an application and the team will be in touch.